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Dos and Don’ts for our Brokelyn Beach Reads Bookswap tonight

This looks like heaven. A close second will be Bedford Hill tomorrow.

Fall will be here before you know it (booourns) with it all those school buses and grad school syllabi and the inescapable feeling that you should be reading something important. But for the next month or so, you have official permission to keep reading deliciously pulpy, page-turning, pop literature because, as we all know, it’s too damn hot to think too hard. That’s why tomorrow TONIGHT we’re holding the Brokelyn Bookswappers Club: Beach Reads edition! Join us at Bedford Hill starting at 8pm to get some new reading material (and enjoy $4 beers!). But first, a primer on how it works and what to bring:

How it Works: Bring as many books as you like, and take someone else’s in return. The idea is to trade around those always-wanted-to-read titles you keep missing out on. You can take as many books as you bring. If you want to bring other beach items to swap too — towels, frisbees, coolers, gently used sunscreen — we’ll take them too!

The Drink Specials: Bedford Hill is offering $4 beers all night!


DO: Bring recent best-sellers, decent condition classics, finished items from your summer reading list.
DON’T: Bring the musty books from your storm-damaged basement, the box of novels you found on a stoop with a dubious “no bed bugs” sign; your high school version of Ann of Green Gables that’s covered in highlighter and Coke Zero stains.

DO: The Game of Thrones books, because, let’s face it, they’ll be super popular.
DON’T: The novelization of the movie Kazaam.

Even POTUS enjoys a little down time in the summer.

DO: Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl
DON’T: Devotions for the God Girl

DO: Those super-addictive book series — Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Hunger Games, Harry Potter
DON’T: The super-long and creepy Scientology series Mission Earth.

DO: Potboiler detective novels or noire mysteries.
DON’T:  The Melting Pot of Baby Names.

DO: Solid graphic novels like Sandman, The Watchmen, Y the Last Man or Scott Pilgrim.
DON’T: The Left Behind comic book series.

DO: Anything on this NPR list of best summer reads.
DON’T: Anything on this list of worst fan fiction ever.

50 Shades of hey now…

DON’T: 50 Shades of Grey.
Actually, DO bring 50 Shades of Grey, because Mama Brokelyn really wants to read it.

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