Don’t have $49 million to spend on a Basquiat? Fool your friends with eBay

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If you really appreciated art history in college but don’t have a hedge fund, you probably weren’t lucky enough to be at Christie’s record-breaking art auction last week, where the art house brought in $495 million selling contemporary art made by a bunch of frustrated, poor artists who hated commodities. But here’s a collection of look-alikes that will class up your place for way, way less, and no one will ever know you’re not Leo DiCaprio. Above, the record-breaking Dustheads by Jean-Michel Basquiat, $48.8 million. Below: your new painting by lesser known artist, $200:

basquiat fake

But wait, there’s more! You can have Jackson Pollock’s Number 19 for $58.4 million:


Pollock-esque, $275:
not pollock


Mark Rothko’s Untitled (Black on Maroon), $27 million:



Tribute to Mark Rothko,” yours for…$0.01?

Tribute to Mark Rothko


Willem de Kooning, Woman (Blue Eyes), $19.2 million:

de kooning

Abstract Expressionist Art Woman Face Portrait Watercolor,” $45:

Ebay art


Roy Lichtenstein’s Woman With Flowered Hat, $56.1 million:


This public service announcement, $29.99:

not litchenstein

Now all that’s left for you to do is put on your smoking jacket, sit back with that bottle of Two-Buck Chuck, and enjoy the art.

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