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Don’t be a dim bulb, register to get some free daffodils

See, they even make this trash receptacle look nice and welcoming. via Flickr user Hubert Figuière

We usually encourage people to go out and get some free trees when they’re available, and we think you should still do that if the chance arrives. Still, trees are very big, so if you’ve been waiting for something smaller with which to beautify your block or neighborhood, register to get a big bag of free daffodil bulbs from New Yorkers for Parks. Look at them up there! They’re so bright!

The daffodil giveaway is done for New Yorkers for Parks’ Daffodil Project, in which volunteers plant daffodils to honor the memory of September 11 victims. Since 2001, five million daffodils have been planted around the city by volunteers, in parks and public spaces, and this year you can help. Registration to get up to 1100 bulbs (two bags worth) is open through September 5, if you and some friends would like to pick some up and plant them in a park or a schoolyard or maybe even around a tree pit where you planted a free tree. Synergy!

There’s even a couple of Brooklyn pickup location you can register for, when you pick up your bulbs in October, but don’t dawdle. You don’t want to put off registering until September 4, only to find out that everyone beat you to the punch. That would just be sad.

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