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Don’t be a DUMBO: Sample sale at Brooklyn Industries starts at $10

These colors come cheap. This time anyway. Via Flickr's J Cruz.
These colors come cheap. This time anyway. Via Flickr’s J Cruz.

Clothes! Can’t afford them, can’t live without them or you get a very lengthy jail sentence if you leave the house. Which is why it’s always nice to come across people selling their wares for dirt cheap. How cheap are we talking? Brooklyn Industries’ DUMBO store (70 Front Street) is having a sample sale Wednesday and Thursday with items starting at low as $10. $10! There are cocktails that cost as more than that!

Now hey, we’ve had our differences in the past with BI, ┬ábut we also recognize a deal when we see one, and a sale that includes a full range of the goods they sell, with prices topping out at $40 is a deal. Maybe you need to get fresh for fall, maybe you need to stay fresh for the rest of summer. Maybe all you own is basketball jerseys and it’s getting a little too chilly for that. Whatever your reason, we figure it couldn’t hurt to pop in and see if you can find a $10 steal.

[h/t Racked]

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