Donate some cleaning supplies to Sean Casey Animal Rescue

sean casey animal rescue
Make all of the animals there this happy. via Facebook

We’ve mentioned a few times here about how we’re both pro-dog and pro-humans who help dogs, but we don’t want to make it seem like we only care about dogs. If you also like most, even maybe all animals, you’ve got a chance to help them out now, because Sean Casey Animal Rescue is asking for donations of cleaning supplies for their two Brooklyn locations, according to South Slope News.

If you’ve been looking to do something charitable lately, Sean Casey Animal Rescue, which does some selfless work rescuing abused, neglected and injured animals of all stripes and feathers and scales, is probably as good a place as any to point your charity wand. According to a message on their Facebook page, they could use bleach, paper towels and newspapers, which you might have sitting around the apartment going unused anyway.

They’ve also set up an Amazon Wish List with some more specific cleaning items that you can have sent right to their Sunset Park (551 39th Street) and Windsor Terrace (153 East 3rd Street) locations. If you’re gonna head down there, maybe stop by a friend’s place along the way and “borrow” a couple paper towel rolls to bring with you. After all, your friend can buy more paper towels, but an injured parrot can’t go out and do it.

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