Department of Whoops: ‘Shop Brooklyn’ launches without anywhere to shop

There’s something missing here…

This brokester just completed a (rushed) lunch seminar on slowing down and relaxing during the holiday season. Apparently, so have the folks at Shop Brooklyn, though I think Marty Markowitz has taken it a bit too far. It’s December 6th and there are no Brooklyn retailers yet taking part in the program! Or at least none listed.

The push to shop local was a big enough deal that the Borough Prez had his elves craft a press release to announce it, but they must have given their computer nerds the week off. We’re not playing gotcha here, we’re just wondering: where are the stores?

We want our free dessert with entrée or a indeterminate percentage off purchases! And without a static, Yahoo-style listing of businesses, how else will we know what cool and quirky presents can be found in Brooklyn? Oh, right.

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