Deal of the day: roll on over to some half-price bocce

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Got a better way to spend the spring?

Bowling. Bowling is great, especially if join a league like we did. We highly recommend it. The only problem with this sport that doesn’t actually require much athleticism? As it gets warmer out, you still have to play it indoors. But then there’s bocce, which takes some of the better parts of bowling (balls, throwing balls a specific distance accurately) and moves them outside. And allows you to drink. So you’d be crazy to pass up the opportunity to play in a bocce league for half price, right? Right.

And Amazon is offering that chance to you right this very moment. You can sign up for the NYC Bocce League’s 2013 season for $30 instead of $60. Or even better, you can grab seven other friends and you can sign up en masse for $240, which, for the math averse, comes out to $30 per person. You’ve wasted so much time playing amateur bocce at Union Hall or Floyd’s, so how could you not want to make the leap now to, well, the still amateur but there are standings NYC Bocce League? Even better, the league plays at Greenwood Park, so if you have a good game, you can immediately stroll over to the bar for victory shots. Or if you have a bad game, you can drown your sorrows in shots.

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