Deal of the day: Get a bike tune-up at Ride Brooklyn for half price

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Hey guys, need a tune-up? via Flickr user nilexuk

It’s been a long, rainy winter/spring kinda thing even deep into June. Despite all that, we’re sure you’ve had a few days where you saw a temporary nice day, took your bike out and then WHOOPS. Rainstorm and all the attendant crap it kicks up from the street to your bike. Try as you might to clean it and fix it up, you’re not a professional bike mechanic. The guys and gals at Ride Brooklyn are professional bike mechanics though, and with this fantastic internet deal, you can get them to fix your bike up for half price.

Saving you $35 on what’s normally a $70 tune-up, now that is a deal. You’ll get your wheels trued, your brakes adjusted and aligned, your gears all lubed up (heh) and best of all, your machine will come out looking spic and span after all of it, and ready for some summer abuse. Say, a ride to Philadelphia or over all of New York’s commuter bridges in a single day.

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