Deal of the day: Be a cheap skate at Aviator Sports

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The second-most fun you can have on skates. The first is beating the Islanders.

So, it appears that nature isn’t quite ready to deliver us from the icy grip of winter. Which is a bummer. Slipping on patches of ice while you walk down the street is also a bummer, and an enormous pain in the ass. After all, if you’re going to have to stumble around on ice, you should at least get to do it in a controlled environment. And have ice skates to better navigate the slippery ground. But where could you find that? Oh, at Aviator Sports Center. And hey! They have a deal on to draw you to your icy doom great day.

For a few more days, you have the opportunity to get yourself an AmazonLocal deal for ice skating for two at Aviator that gets you entrance, skate rental, food, drink and chips for just $19. You can also bump it up to being good for four for just $39. Given that skate rental and admission will usually run you $14 for just one person, it’s not a bad deal. You can take a date and hold hands while you skate, like you’re a couple of awkward teenagers. Uh, in a good way. Or go with the other three people who make up your street hockey team and enjoy some team bonding. Why yes, we do have hockey on the brain, why do you ask?

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