$20 donation gets you $30 off a Discover Outdoors trip

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Save $30 on a trip like this Fall foliage hike. Via Facebook.

We got a heads-up that Discover Outdoors, one of New York’s outdoorsy guided tour companies, is offering a special deal. If you donate $20 to the new Discover Outdoors Foundation between now and Friday, you get $30 off any upcoming Discover Outdoors trip. They offer anything from wine tasting sojourns to volunteer trips to Africa. But what we like most are the guided hikes to parks throughout the northeast for all skill levels that include transportation.

Mathematically, you’re really only saving $10. On a $70 trip that may not seem like much. But you’ll be supporting an organization that helps under-served students go out and do awesome things in nature that they normally can’t do. Plus the $20 is tax-deductible. And if you’re feeling particularly generous, you could give that $30 discount to a friend who likes the outdoors more than you.

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