Crunch gyms will be free for anyone looking to get swole on Black Friday

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By Black Friday, the love and warmth you feel for your family might be worn down to a nub and you’ll feel the need to get out of the house. Or you’ll just feel really gluttonous and you need to get some energy out. You don’t want to go to the mall though, and Brooklyn Boulders’ offer of free climbing doesn’t jibe with your fear of heights. Fortunately for you, Crunch Gyms in Brooklyn and around the country are going to be open and free to use for anyone who wanders in looking to lift some weights or throw around some medicine balls.

It makes sense if you want to get out there and lift a little on Black Friday, but what makes less sense is that you’d pay for it. After all, you need that money to buy all of your friends and favorite bloggers and family Christmas gifts. So with that in mind, here are the five Crunch locations in Brooklyn if you’re going to be getting swole around here:

691 Fulton Street, Fort Greene (open from 7am to 1pm)

330 Flatbush Avenue, Park Slope (open from 7am to 2pm)

785 Flushing Avenue, Bushwick (open from 7am to 3pm)

842 Lefferts Avenue, Crown Heights (open from 8am to 4pm)

825 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint (open from 7am to 3pm)

There are some other Crunch locations in the rest of the country if you’re leaving Real America for the holiday season, but if you find yourself in a place without one, we know that filling empty milk gallon jugs with water and doing some curls with them provides a decent workout.

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