Crowdfund the Caribbean Fim Festival, buy them a camera

Traifik d’Info is one of the films set to screen this year.
Traifik d’Info is one of the films set to screen this year.

Carribeing, Flatbush’s annual film festival celebrating Caribbean cinema and culture, needs some help getting off the ground this year. So, like any good artistic endeavor, they’ve turned to crowdfunding — though, their campaign’s a little more, uh, technical than some of the other ones we’ve seen.

The fund, hosted by filmmaker distribution site Seed & Spark, operates a bit like a wedding registry: the festival organizers have created a wishlist for bits and pieces of things they need funding for, like cameras, catering, sound equipment and festival swag. Contributors can either buy items to donate, or they can loan organizers necessary equipment. The fund’s breakdown is fairly detailed, but it’s not as complicated as it looks — rather, instead of cashing in a blanket donation, funders can direct their money more specifically.

You can also make a general donation, and the festival’s offering some cool incentives to funders, like tickets to screenings, festival passes, Google+ hangouts with filmmakers and a gift certificate to NoLita eatery Oficina Latina. The program will kick off with screenings sometime this fall.

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