Crowdfund a marathon survivor’s medical expenses

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Bauman, in the center, before the bombing. Via GoFundMe

Ugh, this week. We’re at the point where we would literally believe any piece of stupid bullshit happening out there in the world, because we’re in a rolling cycle of disaster. Our existential angst is nothing compared to the actual, terrible injuries suffered by Boston marathon bombing survivors, who were maimed just because they decided to watch a marathon. One of them, Jeff Bauman, lost his legs in the blast and is facing a life with prosthetic legs. Yet despite being in a haze of painkillers when he first got to the hospital, Bauman was able to identify one of the bombers when he woke up in the hospital. Now, you can at least help him deal with what will no doubt end up being enormous medical bills. Why help Bauman? He has a story that any brokester should be familiar with. He’s 27 and was looking to pay off his student loan debt and then go back to school, by working two jobs. He was just hanging out and watching the Marathon, and apparently his reward for this was losing both his legs and getting stuck with a ton of medical bills in the future.

Bauman became known the world over thanks to this iconic and grisly photo. A friend of the family has set up a GoFundMe that will be donated to Bauman’s family so that they can deal with his upcoming mountain of medical expenses, from the hospital stay, the surgery to his future physical therapy and god knows what else you have to pay for when you get your legs blown off in a terrorist attack.

This fucking week. And don’t forget, if you’re looking to help out in other ways, there are a few blood drives still happening this week.

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  1. Funding just passed the $200K mark! Another $100K to go. I hope that after his expenses he’ll have a few bucks left to buy that cowboy a beer.

  2. I want to donate and I hate this skeptical side of mine, but how does this site verify that the money is actually going to Jeff and his family?

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