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Craigslist freebie of the day: stick bugs. Bugs that look like sticks

"Oh is that a stick in your hand?" "Nope, it's my pet stick bug." "Oh."
“Is that a stick in your hand?” “Nope, it’s my pet stick bug.” “Oh.”

Hey Brooklyn, want a pet? Want a pet that you don’t have to pay for and don’t really need to worry about that much? Well fortunately for you, there’s a pet giveaway on Craigslist that probably won’t get flagged by the website: move fast and you can be the proud owner of your own stick bugs! They’re bugs, bugs that look like sticks.

According to Wikipedia, stick bugs are found all over the world, but the most genetic diversity is found in Southeast Asia and South America. So now you know. Also according to Wikipedia stick bugs are common pets, which sounds a little weird to us, but whatever you’re into, America. The folks giving away their stick bugs say these ones come from South Africa originally, and they’re disease free, which is good news for anyone worried about catching stick bug diseases.

How do you take care of the stick bug? You give it lettuce and spray it with a water bottle and make sure it doesn’t drown because stick bugs can’t swim. Also, according to this person on Craigslist, stick bugs are an excellent conversation piece. We’ve reproduced one such conversation:

“Hey man, you’ve got a stick over there, want me to throw it outside?”
“Oh no, that’s just my pet stick bug.”
“It’s a bug, but it looks like a stick. It’s a stick bug!”

Fin. Can you feel the excitement? Email these people now, because this stick bug offer can’t possibly last!

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  1. Danny

    These stick bugs reproduce like crazy and are considered invasive. They are parthenogenic, meaning they reproduce without males present. While they are interesting pets, free distribution on craigslist is irresponsible and illegal.

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