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Craigslist freebie of the day: 200 VHS tapes (taped off the television)

They better come with tracking problems
They better come with tracking problems

Are you guys tired of watching the crystal-clear quality of DVDs or Netflix streaming? Long for days when pausing something did incredible damage to the media you were watching? Or leaning on the fast forward button? Well have we got a deal for you: 200 VHS tapes, all free, all yours, almost all looking like they were just taped off of a show on TV. And they said there’s no such thing as time travel!

Now sure, the odds of you owning a VCR are probably close to the odds of you being hit by a meteor. But if you think of tapes as another piece of decoration, like a vintage beer sign or a street sign, well, you’re golden. And if you do have a VCR, first of all, why? But second, you can own a bunch of old and probably skippy VHS tapes of PBS shows, The Sopranos, and other assorted things that were on television before the era of DVRs and internet piracy.

Oh, and we guess a pretty nice cabinet too. But what can you possibly do with that?


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