Coworking spaces go pay-what-you-can next week to raise money for Nepal relief

Work like a king for a day at Dumbo Startup Lab. via Facebook
Pay-what-you-can to work in luxury for a day at Dumbo Startup Lab. via Facebook

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you know that Nepal’s in pretty bad shape. Natural disasters in faraway places tend to make us feel helpless, especially when relief efforts bifurcate into smaller and smaller arteries of support. If you have dimes to spare and work you can do remotely, consider lending your work hours to the cause by renting a coworking space next week.  According to, work spaces all around the city will be pay-what-you-can on May 6, to help relief efforts in Nepal.

The coalition allows you to donate any amount directly to a relief fund of your choice, and then simply show proof of your donation to gain access to your chosen co-working space for the day. Pretty cool, huh?

First, just register online to spend a day at one of the participating spaces in Brooklyn or Manhattan. That list may grow over the next few days, but for now it’s Dumbo Startup Lab (68 Jay Street) St. Lydia’s (304 Bond Street) and the Bat Haus (279 Starr Street) in Brooklyn (all of which come recommended by us), and then Manhattan spaces  New Work City (412 Broadway), and Impact Hub (394 Broadway).

If you don’t have a particular fund in mind, head to Global Giving’s Earthquake Relief Fund and make a donation. That’s the main one right now, but reports any reasonably-official Nepal relief effort will also be recognized. Bring a confirmation to your chosen space on May 6, and head on in.

Best part? You’ll be working remotely alongside dozens 0f other like-minded folks who share your conscientiousness for the cause, since they’ll also have donated something to the efforts in Nepal. Socio-economic backgrounds be damned—this is a great way to get involved for even the brokest of folks. (Incidentally, it’s also a great way to acquaint yourself with the novelty of a co-working space, in case you’re finally getting tired of freelancing in coffee shops.)

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