5 budget date ideas that will make you smarter or a better dancer

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Make your date memorable as you learn to master moves like this at an open-level hip hop class. Photo via CourseHorse.

With median rents hovering in the mid-threes and average cocktails that cost the better part of a Jackson, it’s hard enough to take yourself out in this city, let alone treat a date. While there are tried-and-true alternatives (file that under: splitting the check), sometimes the occasion calls for something more interesting than dinner-and-a-movie or the tired ol’ awkward drink at the bar.

If you’re dead-set on making your next Tinder date feel like a million bucks, we’ve partnered with CourseHorse to round up some activities that are guaranteed to impress without blowing the budget. You’ll feel just fine about picking up the tab, because everything on this list is $35 or less for two.

Figure Drawing 2

BYOB Figure Drawing, $17 ($34 for two)

Put pencil (or charcoal) to paper during this two-hour figuring drawing session with a live model.
There’s no need to be a pro—instructors will provide guidance and feedback through the session. Bonus: You can bring your own wine or beer to get your buzz on.


Rum Tour 1

The Noble Experiment Distillery Tour, $10 ($20 for two)

Follow a distiller for a 45-minute peek into the history of rum distilling in New York and how Noble Experiment makes theirs. You’ll also get a tasting of their rum, and an after-tour cocktail. Bottoms up!


Hip Hop 1

Open Level Hip Hop, $13 ($26 for two)

Learn the art of hip hop and look like a coordinated duo at your next late-night drunken dance party, even if you have two left feet. This beginner-level class at DanceWave will give you all the moves you need to impress.


Foraging 2

Foraging in Prospect Park, $10 ($20 for two)

“Wildman” Steve Brill will lead you on a guided tour of all the previously undiscovered delicacies in Prospect Park. Pick wild carrots and parsnips, evening primrose, and sassafras root, then go back home and pretend you’re Chef René Redzepi from Noma.


Chocolate 2

Raaka Factory Tour, $10 ($20 for two)

Because nothing says “I love you” like a synchronized swan-dive into a luxurious bar of chocolate. Take a tour of this made-in-Brooklyn chocolate factory, taste raw cacao, watch it be transformed into their luxurious bars, and end the tour with a tasting of their signature bars.

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