A new way to pay at Costco

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According to The New York Times, Costco will start accepting food stamps at the Sunset Park store on a trial basis next month. Details are still a little murky on at least two points: What about the $50 membership fee? And can you use food stamps to pay for these Versace dishes we saw there recently? Not that anyone’s really doing the Versailles look these days, but they were a titillating discovery next to the veggie trays and gigantaur pretzel canisters.


  1. Food stamps can only be used on certain food items: you can’t use them to buy liquor, cleaning supplies, cosmetics or pet food. Now that the food stamp program is done entirely electronically, even if you have two types of items in your cart, when the card is swiped to pay, it will only deduct the applicable items. The rest you have to pay in cash.

  2. Costco is expensive. It’s not a place you go to save money – it’s a place you go to buy in bulk for convenience. If consumers had a better understanding of that and looked at the per unit cost there versus weekly sales @ grocery stores w/ coupons they’d find that they are paying substantially more at price clubs (and likely letting most of it rot…). My two cents…

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