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Mother’s Day Tip: Order a Cocktail Book today and get it by Saturday

The backyard at j'eatjet, your new summer hideaway.
There’s a drink on the house waiting for your mom at j’eatjet.

Do you hail from Long Island? Is your Mom just across the Hudson? Maybe you’re a local, born just around the corner. Maybe you’re even married to a mom and you haven’t become a shut-in yet. No matter which reluctant train ride you’re all-too-familiar-with or which sad excuses for last-minute gifts you usually scoop up at the bodega, we’re here to save your Mother’s Day weekend.

The dream of the perfect Mother’s Day is alive in Brooklyn: Pick up a Brooklyn Cocktail Book for only $20 and pair brunch with 2-for-1 cocktails at bars and restaurants across the borough! Order by Wednesday, May 6, and we guarantee you’ll have it in your mailbox by Saturday afternoon.

Picture this: it’s Sunday afternoon and you’re kicking back at your favorite neighborhood cocktail barYou’re enjoying an oh-so-spicy margarita or the perfect Greyhound, basking in having not left the city, and Mom is reveling in adult time with her favorite offspring (and finally being invited to hang with you). The best part? You’re buying, but Mom’s drinks are free.

Bonus? You’ll keep the rest of the vouchers, just in time for summer drinking. It’s the gift that gives back! To you!

Castello Plan. via Facebook
Drinks for two at the Castello Plan. via Facebook

Find picture-perfect cocktails and bangin’ brunch at the below bars, just a few of the spots featured in our Cocktail Book:

Abilene • The Castello Plan • Fort Defiance • The Great Georgiana • Hunter’s • J’eatjet? • Lea • quarter Bar • The Saint Catherine • Sea Witch Tavern 

Alternately, maybe you’re, like, 30-ish. Maybe a fair number of your lady friends fill your Facebook feed with shaky videos of giggling babies in place of the bar bathroom selfies of yesteryear. If you’ve got a gal who needs a drink (or 40) in your life, why not gift her with half-price cocktails that the two of you can enjoy together? There’s nothing like a sweet gift that prompts endless opportunities for BFF-dates.

What are you waiting for?

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