Cook brunch for a living, instead of just eating it

Be the person who makes brunch or who serves it. And one day, be the person who eats it and finishes all the mimosas. Photo via RunawayBrit.
Be the person who makes brunch or who serves it. And one day, be the person who eats it and finishes all the mimosas. Photo via RunawayBrit.

Someone wants you to find a job. We know that sounds kind of unbelievable, especially if you’ve already spent your whole morning scrolling through pages and pages of Craigslist ads waiting for someone to finally email you back about that bartending job that you’re not actually qualified for. But it’s true. Good Help, brought to you by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, has been hooking up the unemployed with Brooklyn-based businesses since March of last year, and so far it’s been going pretty well. You can find a whole bunch of stuff here, whether you’re an electro-mechanic or a TA or a CHEF THAT LOVES TO COOK BRUNCH! But those aren’t the only jobs out there.

The Brooklyn Museum is looking for a Community Affairs Associate to round up communications with elected officials, government agencies, community organizers, and other stakeholders.

The Ali Forney Center for young LGBT people without homes needs a Meal Coordinator who have both experience with homeless youth and  background knowledge of commercial kitchen equipment.

Callen-Lorde, a Manhattan health care provider for LGBT people and people living with HIV/AIDS, is looking to hire a Prevention and Outreach Provider with a BA/BS in health care/social services. And they’re offering benefits!

Speaking of all that, the Staten Island LGBT Community Center is seeking a social worker for their HIV prevention program. You need a master’s degree in social work, though public health and related fields may be considered. All interested should send cover letters and resumés to Pamela.Abrams (at) chasiny.org.

Red Hook Fairway isn’t letting Hurricane Sandy get the best of them! They’re re-opening soon and hiring a bunch of additional staff in the process. Interested folk can apply here.

Those who can read good may want to consider being a part-time proofreader for Macy’s.

It seems the only requirement to be eligible for Sahadi’s Cheese Department team is a love of food.

Clinton Hill’s Paper Doll Boutique and Beauty Bar is looking for an eyelash technician who knows how to apply to apply individual, cluster and mink lash extensions. Anyone who actually knows how to do this should probably share their gift and also get paid.


  1. bscal

    Dear Brokelyn, please limit features of job-listings to almost-living wages for those of us who need to eat, pay rent, find health insurance, and clothe ourselves. This endorsement is a shame.

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