Citi Bike offering more than half-off on daily and weekly passes

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The horror…the horror…exterminate the blutes. Photo by Mary Dorn

Heed the siren’s call, car drivers. In an attempt to destroy Detroit for good, Citi Bike has jumped on the Groupon bandwagon by offering a chance to save more than half on their bike sharing service. If you think $10 for that infrequent 24-hour pass is too much (like we do) and can’t justify $100 on a twelve-month subscription, then check out the four options they offer, especially the $45 for ten passes deal. Decide soon, because the deal expires in a couple of days.

If you’re into the day-long thing, you can buy three 24-hour passes for $15 (regular $30), or ten passes for $45 (regular $100). Want a week long pass? You can get two for just $25 (regular $50) or six for $65 (regular $150). What’s more, you have a whole year to use them, so you won’t be drunkenly scrambling on December 31 to use up your rides. Like all other non-annual passes, unfortunately, you only get 30-minutes at a go before having quickly re-docking your bike and going again. But, really, who wants to ride a Citi Bike for longer than that?

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