Bring the rent check: Chris Rock wants to be your new landlord

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Everybody Hates the Landlord. Via CelebBuzz

Grown Ups 2 was hard on everyone. The first wave of people who saw it opening weekend are still in the hospital after having poured bleach in their eyes, and even the stars of the film being forced into the only thing lowlier than starring in Grown Ups: real estate. It turns out Chris Rock, who grew up in Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights, has been sitting on a sweet townhouse in Clinton HIll that he bought in the early days of his career; now CelebBuzz reports he’s renting out the three-story two-car garage, 4,480-square foot spot for a cool $7,950 a month! 

If that has you thinking “I’m gonna rent you, sucka!” (I’m sorry), know that the the townhouse, at 239 Waverly Ave., looks pretty rad, with a private patio, grill, large living area, an eat-in kitchen and all sorts of foncy hardwood, high-beamed ceilings and other stuff.

Rock bought it in the early 90s, when he was still just a fresh-faced Saturday Night Live player, and a whole future was ahead of him that didn’t include homophobic lowest common denominator box office tripe. So if you rent this place, make sure to check that real Chris Rock isn’t locked in a trunk somewhere Mad-Eye Moody style.

[via CelebBuzz]

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