Do your laundry for free on Saturday

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This is an ad where an alien brought Cheer to earth.

The latest company to jump on the “we’re cool enough to hang out in Williamsburg!” bandwagon isn’t cigarettes or beer this time; it’s Cheer, the billion-year-old detergent company that you probably consider about as hip as saran wrap. But they’re going about it the right way by offering a day of free laundry tomorrow (March 24) from 10am-6pm at Giant Laundromat at 173 N. 3rd St. in Williamsburg, complete with (of course) DJs¬†Blue Reed and Vikas, and a promise of food and more. It’s limited to two loads per family, and who knows how many people will show up (only three likes on Facebook. Because you probably don’t “like” Cheer on Facebook).

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Hipsters! Oh man, why don't they just get jobs, amirite? The rest of the world has met them halfway and will grow beards, so...


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