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Celebrate National Thrift Store Day on Saturday

Get the space pod you've always wanted, for 25% off this Saturday. via Facebook
Get the space pod you’ve always wanted, for 25% off this Saturday. via Facebook

Do you know what this Saturday is, aside from a blessed relief from the crushing workweek? Apparently it’s National Thrift Store Day, because there just weren’t enough holidays to celebrate wearing grandma’s sweaters before this. Not ones to be left out of the fun, ReuseNYC, the recycling promoting offshoot of the Sanitation Department, partnered with thrift stores and recycling-promoting stores around the city to get them to offer deals on already cheap stuff. Sounds like someone’s got more money for brunch now!

On August 17, thrift stores in all five boroughs will be offering store-wide discounts on their inherently discounted wares. A comprehensive map that lists every participating location can be found here. But who cares about the rest of the city, what can you find in Brooklyn?

It’s a great day not just to stock up on tradables for your next swap, but to support small business and make some sustainable lifestyle choices! Aside from every Salvation Army in Brooklyn offering 25% all their wares and the Goodwill on Fulton doing the same, a number of Brooklyn’s speciality recycling businesses are getting in on the fun.

The Lower East Side Ecology Center and Build it Green!NYC are both offering 15% discounts throughout their stores, so if you’ve been looking for N64 controllers or waiting to start composting now is a great time to head over there for supplies. Ditto Film Biz Recycling, where you’ll find equipment for your next project (or just a novelty table lamp from that scene in Elysium) for 25% off. Perhaps most tempting to us Brooklynites is the fact that Recycle-a-Bicycle will be participating, offering 15% off products and services. That means you can finally stop trolling Craigslist for that cruiser, and/or tune-up the one you already own.

All in all, it’s a great day you desire a Goodwill china plate with a cat on it for $1.25 instead of $3.

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