Carlton says: Follow Brokelyn, dance away your budget blues!

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Carlton may have been a stiff conservative foil to Will Smith’s populist rhythm machine, but even he can sympathize with those of you feeling the pinch of big banks and 99 percenter troubles these days. You already read Brokelyn; what better time to update our relationship status by following us on Twitter and Facebook too? You’ll be part of the much richer conversation about living big on small change, like behind-the-scenes photos, self-amusing Twitter games, contests and more. And if you ever need crowd-sourcing help from finding a credit union to locating a couch without bed bugs, Team Brokelyn and our 10,000 followers are happy to help! We can’t say the same for that 1 percenter “prince” though.

[Thanks to Kathlyn Clore for pointing us to this Reyhan Harmanci photo!]

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