Can you finish this sentence? Yo Momma So Broke…

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Is this a funny joke? No clue.

We’re hoping you are as pumped about the Brokedown Throwdown on Sunday as we are. Especially if you’re a brokester jokester — cause we’ve got a tasteless comedy contest coming your way. It’s a “Yo Momma So Broke” throwdown, in which you bring a pocketful of your best broke momma jabs and go head to head in a battle to the diss-induced death. Some inspiration:

Yo Momma so broke that Greece is bailing her out. (Thank you @DiscoVietnam on Twitter!)
Yo Momma so broke she steals Pepto Bismol. She’s a Pepto-Clepto! (Thank you Barry Schwartz on Facebook.)
Yo Momma so broke she pays more taxes than GE. (Another winner from @DiscoVietnam!)

Think you can do better? Then bring it!

What makes a Yo Momma joke funny?
Topical, political, absurd, silly: FUNNY.
Sad (she gave you up for adoption to pay the rent then died of cancer because she didn’t have insurance): NOT FUNNY.

There will be several rounds to the contest, until Throwdown revelers crown the top comedy dog. The winner goes home with a fabulous prize package of As Seen on TV products, generously provided by our friends at Telebrands.

And don’t forget, our Brokedown Throwdown also features an hour of free Sixpoint from 3 to 4, live comedy from the likes of Ben Lerman and Kevin Barnett, fabulous food vendors, dance and comedy contests with fantastic prizes, and the one and only mustache ride. All that and 2-for-1 beers if you’re wearing a Brokelyn Freeshirt!

Yo Momma So Broke she won’t want to miss it.

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