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You can see the FIRST PLACE New York Mets for as low as FOUR DOLLARS this week

bartolo colon
See smirking baseball demon Bartolo Colon and the rest of the Mets for so cheap you’ll be able to afford two beers at the game. via Facebook

Well, it finally happened. After years of posts about cheap Mets tickets talking about how maybe if everything went right things could okay, or at least justifying bad baseball with the fact that it was affordable, the Mets are good. The Mets are so good in fact, that they’re currently the best team in baseball, both on the field and on Twitter. Fortunately, their newfound success hasn’t meant tickets are more expensive (yet), and the Mets’ latest ticket deal has managed to lower prices for Thursday night’s game against the hated Washington National to an astounding $4 in some sections. We’re not talking cheap seats either, we’re talking seats so close that you can holler at the coward Bruce Harper and he’ll hear you.

The Mets’ “Runs = Savings” deal could probably have been seen as a cruel joke over the last couple of years, but this year when the Mets did it, they had their loyal fans’ backs and put up 13 runs in their weekend series against the Yankees. That means that tickets to all of the games on this next homestand are $13 cheaper, and that in turn means that you can sit in the Field Reserved section in left field for just $4. Four dollars! These are the lowest level outfield seats, you won’t have to take a singly escalator to reach your seats. You’ll also be right next to the good beer stand, the one offering a batting helmet full of nachos for $16 and again close enough to Bruce Harper that you can yell something like “Hey! Bruce Harper! You suck!” and he’ll hear it.

Of course, if you can’t make it Thursday, tickets are $13 off for the games happening Friday through Wednesday also, which will allow you to get $5 tickets in the cheap seats against the Nationals or the Orioles. Or splurge a bit for $22 field level tickets or even super splurge for $65 box seats near the dugout. Why not? It’s already been a great season with everything you love from a baseball team: great pitching and good fielding, the ability to win slugfests and pitcher’s duels, dramatic ninth inning wins and even a few dingers. So get your cheap games in while you can before the Wilpons realize the team is good and end all fan-friendly tickets deals forever and ever.

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