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You can get a Sega and forty games for just $40

comix zone
New York’s weirdest video game

Selling nostalgia back to you at a jacked up rate is a not nice thing that people do. So isn’t it nice when you sometimes come across something like this Groupon for a Sega console that comes loaded with a bunch of games (good games even), and because the price is knocked down some, manages to come out to just $40. That comes out to just $1/game, before you even factor the system in to the whole thing. Hey you know what 90s kids fucking love? Really good deals.

Some of you out there who love video games might be happy with every new iteration of Call of Duty: Here’s Some New Guns, and that’s fine if that’s what you’re into. The rest of us will gather at our one friend’s apartment where someone owns a TV and play all three Sonic the Hedgehog games, all three Golden Axe games, all three Streets of Rage games, Comix Zone and maybe even Ecco the Dolphin because we’re drunk and why not. No need to fight over the controller, because this comes with two Sega controllers, which we’re sure you’ll remember how to use pretty quickly.

So if you want this, get it quick, before some BuzzFeed post list of GIFs about Sega games drives up the price for all Sega-related products by 60%.

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