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You can get a free ticket to watch the Mets’ road opener at Citi Field

citi field
It’s gonna be an even bigger scoreboard than this. via Flickr user Dave Winer

Everyone has been goofing on the Mets for their budget approach to payroll the past few years, but let’s give some credit where it’s due. After years of pinching pennies, the team felt their time to contend was now and opened their wallet to make a major acquisition. No, not Michael Cuddyer (though he could be good), we’re talking about a 62% larger high-def video board in center field. OK so fine, it sounds silly for a cash-strapped team to do that, but at the very least, you can get a look at this giant scoreboard when the Mets broadcast their season opener in Washington on it at a free party at Citi Field.

Without paying a dime (outside of subway fare), you can see the Mets start their season in Washington, DC playing the hated Nationals and their more-hated irritating star Bryce “Bruce” Harper at their Opening Day Viewing Party. Beyond a chance to get a look at the new scoreboard, which the Mets were very proud of acquiring, it’s gonna be a chance for you to sit in the nice seats, since all seating will be in the field level.

The tickets will start being released in blocks of four at 10am today, and again, they’re free, so find a way to ditch your job and make the 4:05pm first pitch on April 6. Or if you can, get their even earlier, because the team is also celebrating Mr. Met’s birthday. That means pictures with Mr. and Mrs. Met, meeting Mr. Met’s (less cool) mascot friends and uh…”birthday ice cream available for purchase.” Which doesn’t sound like a perk, but whatever, think less about that and more about seeing a 54-foot Bartolo Colon working his magic on Nationals’ hitters.

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