You can buy a miniature Kentile Floors sign now, if that’s what you really want

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From Gowanus to your living room. Usually people say that about sludge, so consider yourself lucky. via Boundless Brooklyn

You remember the Kentile Floors sign, right? F and G train riders can’t appreciate it for seconds at a time anymore, along with the occasional bump in their Instagram likes that it entailed, but now you can enjoy the feels it gave you right in your living room, whenever you want. Boundless Brooklyn, the small company behind the cardboard model water tower and other water tower-related ephemera, will sell you a model version of the Kentile Floors sign according to Brooklyn Paper, if you insist on owning one of those.

Provided you love spending money on kitschy tschotskes, you can try desperately to recapture that Instagram like boost by having a 1/100th cardboard model of it to call your very own, if you’re really sure you want one. On the other hand, the Chamber of Commerce has included Boundless Brooklyn in its first round of Brooklyn Made Certified Products, so at least your Insta-likes aren’t coming from some unauthorized, piece of crap made overseas.

It’s great that the actual sign will, in theory, be erected elsewhere once again, but if you can’t wait that long, you can fill the Kentile Floors-shaped hole in your heart for $20 a pop. This way, you can be sure to let everyone who visits your apartment know that you care about the Brooklyn That Existed Before Girls with your very own miniature of a so-called remnant of a grittier Brooklyn, before we all became rich as hell and started living lives reminiscent of an HBO dramedy. If that’s what you really want.

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