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Buy Lou Reed’s stuff on eBay!

lou reed road case ebay
Not just any case to put stuff in, it’s Lou Reed’s old case that he put stuff in. via eBay

Hey there struggling musicians. Looking to get some kind of extra edge on the competition through supernatural chicanery possibly? Just have a fame fetish? Well, either way, you can indulge those impulses or ideas now, because as pointed out by the Village Voice, a bunch of Lou Reed’s old music stuff is being auctioned off on eBay by his touring company, Sister Ray Enterprises. Is any of it haunted? Well there’s nothing in the auction items that says they aren’t haunted.

As explained on the Sister Ray Enterprises Facebook post announcing the auction, they’re not selling all of Lou Reed’s old music stuff, just the things that aren’t essential to an eventual Lou Reed Archive, so that they can fund the eventual Lou Reed Archive. So you’re not gonna get the first guitar he strummed “I’m Waiting For The Man” on, and you won’t get the first fuzz pedals him and the Velvets stepped on while they were making everyone in California hate them. You can, however, get…this bass amp case made for bringing bass amps on airplanes! It’s probably about all you can afford actually, since it’s only $81 at the moment.

All of the other stuff will cost you over $100, from this effects pedal currently coming in at $125 to this $203 bass amp, all the way up to this $4500 mixing console. We’d put our money on a Wall Street dad who wants to still consider himself cool buying the mixing console, but like we said, there’s still the $81 bass amp case if you think some Lou Reed juju will help your music career.

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