Buy a Brokelyn t-shirt, sponsor an intern!

picture-373This is one of our interns, Trevor, working hard to dig up stories that make your Brooklyn existence easier, cheaper and more fun. Trevor, an NYU grad who lives in Bushwick, has spent the summer calling up every CSA in Brooklyn so you don’t have to, sussing out date ideas, downloading free software to test, and more. Much more.

What does he ask in return? Only that you read his articles and email them to your friends from time to time. Comment on them when you’re so moved. And buy a $20 $19.99 t-shirt so we can have a kickass intern party at the end of the summer. Buy one t-shirt and Trevor can have two beers at the party. If you buy two t-shirts, he can have three beers and two items of his choice off of the appetizer tray. Three t-shirts, and you get an autographed printout of your favorite Trevor story. Four t-shirts and maybe… you could lend him one?


  1. This has got to be one of the most compelling pleas in quite some time. I just can’t say no to Trevor. Put us down for 2 tee shirts and I’ll bake some nice brownies for the intern party. Nuts or just chocolate chips?

  2. Sarah

    That is extremely convincing. Naturally I am broke, but i’m saving my pennys for a shirt now! I’d love to buy Trevor 2 beers. So here’s the Question… Does Trevor have a date to this party? Cause that might up the anty on the shirts a bit. If he earns more beers than he cares to handle alone, will there be a lovely lady on his arm to help him out? Oh, and will he attend the event shirtless?

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