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Burger (and line) aficionados: Shake Shack’s coming to DUMBO

The way you feel inside. via Instagram user @amillileon
The way you feel inside. via Instagram user @amillileon

Are there not enough long lines in your life? Or not enough hamburgers maybe? It can be hard, we know, so if you feel like you’re missing one or both of those things from your life, we’ve got good news: burger and long line providers Shake Shack are taking their production to DUMBO next year.

Not too much information about the move is out there so far, short of this announcement on Shake Shack’s official Facebook page. They’ll be setting up at the corner of Old Fulton and Water Street sometime in the middle of 2014. Which is a perfect location to sell burgers to people heading to outdoor movies who don’t want to be healthy and be stuck eating things like hummus and pretzel chips that they brought from home. Of course, if everyone has the same bright idea as you, you’ll end up missing half the movie, so it’s up to future you to determine whether or not it’s a good idea to try to go through with getting a pre-movie burger.

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