Brooklyn’s student-ID discounts for the forever young

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The college ID is the gift that keeps on giving — whether it’s years past graduation and you’re milking the absence of an expiration date for all it’s worth, or you’ve actually returned to the classroom for that second chance. Whichever, your little chunk of plastic is a gateway to discounts galore in Brooklyn. And we’re not talking 5 percent-here and 5 percent-there, but some real savings worth dredging up the dorm-room memories for. So, dust off your ID, and take full advantage of what’s rightfully yours. After all, we know you’re still the spitting image of your freshman self.

Here are the best student discounts we could find, but there have to be more out there. Add to our list in comments.

Numerous yoga studios offer generous discounts on membership and walk-in rates, so you can slip into that plow position, or whatever you more-flexible-than-we yoginis do, for less. Generally studios offer a certain percent off, such as Prema Yoga in Carroll Gardens, where you can net 20 percent off class packages ($80-480 pre-discount) and 15 percent off drop-ins ($17 pre-discount). Others take the dollar route, such as Go Yoga in Williamsburg, where you can get $19 off the unlimited monthly rate ($89 with discount) and $7 off drop-ins ($10 with discount).

Gym Memberships
No one really enjoys going to the gym, though it’s hard to complain about some of the discounts you can snag. At least you’ll be sweating your ass off for less. Some of the best deals can be found at the various YMCA branches in the borough, though your savings varies per location, and some branches are better than others. The Bed-Stuy and North Brooklyn branches offer the smallest discount at $7 off monthly membership ($35 and $32, with discount), while others like the Dodge and Flatbush locations offer a better deal at $9-13 off ($50 and $30 with discount). The best deal by far is at the Greenpoint branch, where you get $50 off the Joiners Fee ($25 with discount) and $10 off your monthly dues ($41 with discount).

Movies and Theater
For discounted student tickets, BAM is the place to go, with $10 seats to live performances at the Howard Gillman and $9 movie tickets at BAM Rose Cinemas. Take note, however, that the movie tickets can only be purchased Mon-Thurs. If you’re still on campus (or really crafty), you can become a BAM Campus Ambassador and snag free admission to anything you please. Similar $10 dollar tickets can be purchased at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College an hour before any performance. And if you’re a student at Brooklyn College, you get ‘em for free.

Flashing your ID gets you $4 off admission ($6 with ID) to the Brooklyn Museum, where, through Sunday, you can go see Kiki Smith’s feminist art exhibit and, like someone we know, become increasingly enraged and storm out the front doors. Alternatively, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden offers half-off admission to students ($4 instead of $8) and promises a much more tranquil experience. Plus, if you go to Pratt you get in for free.

Everything else
Here are all the other deals fit to print… that don’t really fit into any other categories. Strap on your harnesses and get your climb on for less at Brooklyn Boulders, where you can get $4 off an unlimited day pass ($16 vs. $20). You can even leave and come back! Guided tours of various Brooklyn neighborhoods, ranging from Park Slope to Fort Greene, can be had for less too, as showing your ID gets you $3 off ($12 vs. $15) any tour at Big Onion Walking Tours. (perhaps not worth it for the seasoned Brooklynite, but perfect for tourists and Midwestern transplants). Finally, snag some new fall clothes from Brooklyn Industries for less with this printable coupon good for 15% off your purchase online or in-store.

Did we miss any? Where else can you turn your student ID into a golden ticket?

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  1. I was surprised to find that while traveling in Europe last summer, my (8-year-old) student ID came is super handy for discounts.

  2. If you are a CUNY student you can get into MoMA, Whitney, Cooper-Hewitt, & National Museum of American Indian for free. Plus Metropolitan Opera offers discount tickets to them as well.

  3. “No one really enjoys going to the gym” ???

    this statement is extremely ignorant. If someone doesn’t feel great from exercising then they should not assume that everyone feels the same as them.

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