Brooklyn rental roundup: The joy of having roommates edition

a 4BR in Windsor Terrace.

It’s moving season and Brokesters on the hunt for apartment deals should know that you can get way more space for less dough in better hoods if you’re willing to sacrifice no-pants Wednesdays, commit to a chore wheel and stick to a strict morning bathroom schedule — aka, have some roommates. In today’s roundup of apartment deals and steals from our Brokelyn Real Estate section, we’ve got some true bargains on three and four bedrooms for young families, post-collegiates nostalgic for the frat/sorority house, and other folks who are into the hostel-esque commune vibe of sharing living space with multiple (potentially awesome) roommates.

First up is this AMAZING two-story, 4BR/1.5 bath unit in Windsor Terrace. For $3,000/month you get an eat-in-kitchen, living room, dining room, den AND a lush lawn and garden area that are fully maintained by a wise old groundskeeper (I assume he’s wise; aren’t they always?). Only catch is that the house sits on old church grounds, so there may be some extra tenants floating around rattling chains and cutting holes in the sheets. But you can put all the dough you save on rent towards an exorcism.

This 3BR in Williamsburg is railroad style, but at $2,200/month, what you give up in privacy while in bed you gain back in the wildly overgrown but huge yard.

Check out the beautiful old fireplace, lofty ceilings and hardwood floors (prewar accents, swoon). This pet-friendly Greenpoint 3BR is steps to McGlorick Park, and at $2,500/month, the size and character of this place make it tolerable to live exclusively on the G line.

If this is really in Prospect Heights it’s an extreme bargain. 4BR, no railroad, brand spanking new reno (read: you won’t have to clean up previous tenants nasty toilet, shower, kitchen grime) with access to shared yard for $3,000/month. This one will go very fast.

This unit in the lovely Columbia Waterfront District is slightly less budget friendly at $2,950 for a 3BR, but it has a washer/dryer IN UNIT! Don’t worry the dingy 90s carpeting is being replaced by hardwood floors. And you can sit in your pjs on the couch while you wait for Pok Pok to text you that your table is ready.

Finally, the absolute cheapest share available right now in our new Brokelyn Real Estate listings is a newly renovated 3BR in Gravesend at $1,550/month. At just over $500/month each (less if you throw a couple in the mix), this is even below what the average brokester considers cheap.

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