Baby Brooklyns popping out all over the country

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We’ve heard lots about how the “Brooklyn” brand name has been overused to promote every type of business, both in the city and far, far away. Now the name is trending in a whole new annoying way: babies, and specifically babies in the west. The Post reports today “Brooklyn” was the 34th most popular name in the country for baby girls in 2010, but in some western states, it’s sixth (!!). 

According to the Social Security Administration, 6,068 newborn babies were given the name in 2010. The newspaper posits that the rise is party due to the middle of the country wanting an emotional connection to the events of 9/11, and partly due to the celebrities such as Brooklyn Decker and Brooklyn Beckham/Spice. The name was ranked only 177th in 2000.

Have you ever actually met anyone with the name Brooklyn, in Brooklyn? The name doesn’t even crack the top 100 in New York state, according to the Post.

Should you, an aspiring hip young parent-type breeder in King’s County, consider naming your baby Columbus, Omaha, Des Moines, Bismarck or perhaps Eau Claire, just to be different? It beats naming them after abstinence-propaganda teen supernatural fiction, I guess.

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  1. My mom had a friend who named all her kids after towns in Texas: Austin, Dallas and Paris. Asked if she’d ever been to Texas before, she said: “No. We just really like the idea of Texas.”

  2. One of my daughter’s teacher’s names is Brooke (short for Brooklyn), and we just got her a dwarf rabbit for Easter, whom she named Brooklyn.

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