Brooklyn Heights/ DUMBO

Brooklyn Heights Cinema is closing at the end of the month

brooklyn heights cinema
Show’s over. via Facebook

Everyone seems to be getting priced out around here, and apparently the city’s oldest independent cinema is no exception.¬†Brooklyn Heights Cinema (70 Henry St.) will close at the end of the month, according to DNAinfo. Kenn Lowy, the theatre owner, said the property, which he does not own, had been sold and will likely close August 27.

Fortunately, Lowy started looking at new locations once he learned the historic building would be listed for $7.5 million. He said he’s been eyeing spots, possibly in DUMBO, to open a new site this October and plans to keep the original name. He’d raised $30,000 in a Kickstarter campaign for theatre equipment and said everything he’d recently bought would be moved to the new location. The situation has us a bit bummed, but at least Brooklyn Heights residents still have the somewhat nearby Cobble Hill Cinema if they don’t want to hit up a corporate behemoth.


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