Beer Book Guide 2016

Our 2016 bar guide is here! Browse more than 60 Brokelyn-approved bars, pubs and eateries

Greenpoint's Budin.
Greenpoint’s Budin.

Finding your way around Brooklyn’s ever-growing bar scene is tough. Which bar has board games? Which one will provide a soft cushion of barbecued meats for my drinking binge? Which one will entertain me with groundbreaking comedy or let me bask in glorious backyard sunshine? And most of all: which bars offer the best drunk value for my dollars? Well fire up your browser bookmarks and save this page on your phone because Brokelyn’s 2016 bar guide is here! We’ve compiled listings and descriptions for more than 60 of our favorite Brokelyn-approved pubs, beer-friendly eateries, taverns and dives and put them in a searchable list for you, with a map too!

The bars are featured in our 2016 Brokelyn Beer Books — and there are a limited supply of those left so get one now if you haven’t already, and you’ll have a ticket to more than 30 beers for just $30. And we’ll see you at these bars. Cheers!

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