Apartment roundup: livin’ in the Heights edition (Crown, Prospect)

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This is a very expensive 3BR (!) place we mention mainly for voyeuristic purposes. But read on for some nice cheaper ones.

Many 96-degree days ago, when Mama Brokelyn was a wee lass, she bought a her first Brooklyn apartment: a beaut on Park Place between Carlton and Vanderbilt. It was the 2BR parlor floor of a brownstone with high ceilings, a moldings and a fireplace, for just north of $100K, which came out to roughly $750 a month all told. But that was right after World War II, and Brooklyn was still farmland, and the place came with horse parking. See, dirt-cheap deals are a thing of yore in Prospect Heights (witness this 2BR for $4,200), and they’re getting pretty scarce in Crown Heights too. (If we had about a million nickels to rub together, we’d sink it into an investment property there.) If Mama Brokelyn was still a wee lass, she’d double, triple or quadruple up and move into one of these places, leaving plenty of fat in the budget for carousing at the local joints with the wee lads.

• Here’s a 3BR, 2BA (!) joint with a private terrace (!!) in Crown Heights for $1,800 / month. No pets, and you pay utilities. Or drink enough to generate your own heat.


• Speaking of 96-degree days, this looks like a nice place to spend a heat wave. It’s part of a 1.5 BR for $1,800 that’s advertised as “steps from the Franklin Shuttle” in Prospect Heights. That sounds possibly more like Crown Heights?


• Not only is this 2BR, 2BA (!) place 1,200 square feet (!!), it’s on a “tree lined landmark block in Crown Heights.” Also, basement storage. Also, tin ceiling. Yours for $1,950.


• Here’s a 1BR apartment for $1,900 with so many coordinates you need a cartographer to find it. It’s “just a few blocks away from Medgar Evers College,” and “a few minutes walk to the 2, 3 trains at the Eastern Parkway-Brooklyn Museum Station and the B, Q and Shuttle at Prospect Park Station.” Also, “directly across the street from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and Prospect Park” and “Moments from Grand Army Plaza including the Brooklyn Museum.” Bring a compass and flares, or just look for the marble lobby. Also: laundry in building. Elevator.
• You gotta love the brokers. Here’s the blurb on this 2BR for $1,700: “With windows on both ends you’ll feel like you’re at a resort.” It happens to be a resort with linoleum floors, but isn’t that why the Good Lord invented rugs?


  1. Re: the $1900 1 BR – Across from the BBG would be on Washington Avenue, above Empire Boulevard and below Eastern Parkway. Prospect Park is on the other side of the BBG along Flatbush Avenue, so they are stretching the truth with the “directly across from Prospect Park” bit. Note that the ad is also steering people to the Brooklyn Museum stop on the 2 and 3, when the Franklin Avenue stop (which also has the 4 for those going to the East Side) is also within walking distance.

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