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Tank god it’s summer: Brokelyn’s 🔥 🔥🔥 summer tank tops are now on sale!

Tank god it's summer: Brokelyn's 🔥 🔥🔥 summer tank tops are now on sale!
Summer in the city just got sexier.

As you probably know by now, we here at Brokelyn are proud members of the varsity squad of Team Summer. Summer is the best part of life overall, but particularly here in Brooklyn, we get to live our best lives: Free movies, free concerts, biking everywhere we can, hopping on the subway or the Beach Bus to Rockaway, sipping a cool Brooklyn Summer Ale on a rooftop until we forget that any other part of the year exists.

This summer, we’ve distilled our excitement about the season into our very first line of Brokelyn summer tank tops, which are on sale right now! Show your summer loyalties with one of these, proudly made right here in Brooklyn. 

The unisex shirts are a very brokester-friendly $17 each they’re now on sale for just $15! (plus shipping). We made shirts that align most with our summer values:

1) That the beach is a much better reason to get up early on a weekend morning than waiting in line for brunch.

meghan brunch
Photo by Madelyn Owens.

2) That while Olmsted and Vaux did a fine job creating Central Park, their masterpiece didn’t come until they made Prospect Park, our urban oasis blissfully devoid of Manhattan’s tourists:

kevin prospect
Photo by Madelyn Owens.

3) And the only true way to show our excitement for summer is with unbridled, uncensored enthusiasm:

Photo by Madelyn Owens.
Photo by Madelyn Owens.

We have a limited supply of this first run, so buy yours today! Each shirt comes in three colors: blue/yellow, pink/black and gray/white, and the sizes run from XS to XL. The shirts are made of super comfortable 100 percent cotton, printed locally at the Gowanus Print Lab, and designed by our own Madelyn Owens.

Order them online now! We’ll also be selling them at the Riis Park Beach Bazaar on July 9 and again later in the summer, while supplies last. We’ve also got these super sweet koozies we’re giving out this summer; catch us at the beach to get your hands on one.

Photo by Madelyn Owens.
Photo by Madelyn Owens.

Thanks to our models: Meghan Stephens, Ghan Patel and Kevin Browning!

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