The Brokelyn Rent Book is here! Buy one today!

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Rent just got Brokelynized.

We know you wonder every day: why, in this age of Groupons and Seamless discount codes, is there nothing that helps make rent payments a little less heinous? Well good news brokesters: Fresh off the heels of our smash hit 2014 Brokelyn Beer Book, we’re happy to announce our latest project: the long-awaited Brokelyn Rent Book is finally here! We’ve taken the Beer Book idea — which gets you 30 beers for 30 bucks —and expanded it to the thing that forces you to drink so heavily: rent. Obviously, apartments costs a bit much more than a glass of suds, but the gist is the same: for just $300 (that’s barely one night of hoofstew at that trendy new Greenpoint spot, Pigslaw), you get this book, handsomely designed by our handsome in-house team. Each page entitles you to a month’s worth of free rent at 30 of our favorite lovingly hand-selected, specially curated apartments from all around the borough. That’s 12 months worth of rent for only $300!

Check out the list of apartments in it below, which are made possible thanks to the good folks at the New York Landlord Association, who helped us track down these killer apartments and arrange the deals with each landlord. But make sure to act fast and buy one today (or have your parents buy you one): only a limited number are being printed, so supplies, and, to be honest, shared bed space, will run out soon!

The list of apartments available include:

-This spacious gem in Bed-Stuy, which provides “the total dorm room thing” you’ve been dying to get back to.

-The chance to share not just an apartment but a living room floor, with females and a cat and other “desperate only” tenants in Bed-Stuy.

-This frugal Flatbush spot which like an airline saves you money by allowing you to choose to upgrade to a bed.

-A Greenpoint apartment that comes with bonus free shoes!

You guys it's fucking bunk beds.
You guys it’s a fucking bed fort waiting to happen.

-Your chance to finally be an uptown boy/girl: yeah, we’re sending you to the Upper West Side too, but c’mon it’s fucking bunk beds.

-A Bushwick spot so warm you’ll wonder, hey, is there a boiler in this room with me? (spoiler: there is).

And many more!

All this and more is yours for only $300; and you have the entirety of 2014 to use your Rent Book coupons. Of course, we don’t have the time or the patience to work out your schedule for you, so you’ll probably be sharing at least some of these rooms with the 500 of your fellow other brokesters who buy this book. So act now! Move fast! Literally we mean move fast because your apartment is in the book too and someone is coming to move in tomorrow and they have a lot of crap.

To purchase one, please click here.


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