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Scenes from our NOTflix DVD swap

Photos by Faye Penn

“This is so much more fun than selling DVDs on Amazon,” said Josh Mueller, movie buff, Brokelyn reader and blissful attendee of Brokelyn’s NOTflix DVD Swap last night. As Mueller (proud new owner of The Notebook, Nashville and Hellboy) can attest, last night’s flickfest was an orgy of movie love and a feast of “swapcorn.” So much fun, we’re going to do it again; join our Facebook group so you’ll never have to go without your own copy of Nacho Libre. Here’s what you missed last night at Mission Dolores, quite possibly the perfect summer bar:


Adan JohnsonName: Adan Johnson, Crown Heights
He brought: Hellboy Extended Cut, The Bone Collector, The Illusioniust, Secret Diar of a Call Girl Season 1, Blade 2, Nacho Libre, Apocalypse Now, Sound & Sorrow
He got: Kingdom of Heaven, Mallrats, Ripley’s Game
He says: “I’m excited to watch Kingdom of Heaven. Ridley Scott makes good movies and this one has a lot of director’s cuts and special features.”

Jennifer Tang Forest HillsJennifer Tang, Forest Hills, Queens
She brought: Reservoir Dogs, Accepted, Shrek in 3D, Salvador, the Die Hard Trilogy, Ripley’s Game, City by the Sea, Norbit
She got: Spiderman 3, Jack Goes Boating, Hostage, Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke, Family Guy
She says: “I still love Family Guy. My husband’s kind of turned off to it. I don’t know why — I still love it.”

Ricky Camilleri and Andrea Rosen

Ricky Camilleri and Andrea Rosen, Park Slope
They brought: Nashville, Hannah and Her Sisters, Stand By Me, Bad Education (the R-rated version), Coachella
They got: Jackass The Move, Alfred Hitchcock’s Sabotage/The Lodger, How I Met Your Mother (two seasons), Coachella
He says: “We brought Coachella to give away but took it back. I’ve had it forever and never watched it. But I looked at the back and saw The Stooges and Oasis — now I have to watch it.

rob blatt and amber marlow blatt

Rob Blatt and Amber Marlow Blatt, Park Slope
They brought: The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Babewatch 16, Rservoir Dogs, The Phone Booth, Nacho Libre
They got: I Robot, The Education of Charlie Banks, Brokeback Mountain, Bladerunner
She said: “I’m most excited to watch the education of Charlie Banks.”


  1. Vidlover

    Damn I missed this. Wish you guys would have this sort of thing more often. DVD swapping is definitely the way to go in this recession. I vote to have more swaps like this!

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