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9/16: Brokelyn Freeshirt launch party!

Brokelyn Freeshirts
Brokelyn's Aulistar Mark and Tim Donnelly model their Freeshirts. You can too!

Maybe you’ve been to one of our nutso raffle parties or swaps. Maybe you’ve bought a Brokelyn Beer Book and met the crew at one of our BeerUps. So what are the kids at your favorite budget-living blog cooking up next? Here’s what, straight from the Brokelyntific labs: the ridiculously stylish Brokelyn Freeshirt: a t-shirt that gets you so many freebies and discounts when you wear it that it’s practically free. In fact, it might even pay for your pants.

Thanks to Brokelyn Freeshirt designer Bob Bland of Brooklyn Royalty fame, these smart-looking tops would be hot purchases even without the giveaway gravy and special deal sauce. But this is Brokelyn, after all, where everything has to have an angle.

Wear your Brokelyn Free-Shirt around town and watch the gates of Good Dealdom fly open for you. Among the many luxuries you can enjoy:

* 2-for-1 Robicelli’s cupcake at the Dekalb Market, Mondays and Tuesdays
* 2-for-1 beer or coffee at Flying Saucer on Tuesdays
* 2-for-1 drinks at Bocca Lupo after 10:30 on Friday and Saturday nights
* 2-for-1 beer at karaoke Wednesdays, MikNic Lounge
* A free one-bite appetizer at St. Austere restaurant in Williamsburg
* And more!

Brokelyn Freeshirts

When you buy a Brokelyn Freeshirt at the low, low introductory price of $20, your name will go on a mailing list so you can be updated with new deals and special promotions we’re offering. (All current deals are good through Oct. 31).

We are officially debuting the Brokelyn Freeshirt tomorrow night (9/8) at the Fashion’s Night Out block party on Grand Street in Williamsburg, courtesy of the rad jewelry designer Scosha.

Or buy them next Friday evening (9/16) at our Brokelyn Freeshirt Fashion Week launch party at Mission Dolores Bar at 4th Avenue and Carroll Street from 7 to 10. (RSVP, people!) You can put on your shirt and start raking in the riches on party night, because beers will be 2-for-1 if you’re wearing a Brokelyn Free-Shirt.

If you can’t make either event, you can also buy your Brokelyn Freeshirt on our site starting next week. As we said, all current deals are good through Oct. 31. So don’t wait.

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