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Brokelyn discount at BK Heights Cinema

photo via Yelp
Photo via Yelp

Fall is art-house movie season, the time of year when theaters full of corduroy jackets and subtitles make you truly feel like you’re living in Woody Allen’s New York. What better time of year then to check out the small, quirky, friendly Brooklyn Heights Cinema—a place with exponentially more tolerable crowds than the nearest megaplex, and now, with a great deal for Brokelyn readers.

The theater is reaching out to blog readers across the borough for support through tough financial times, so all you have to do is mention that you saw this post on Brokelyn and you can get any ticket, at any time of day for $6.50 (a savings of almost $4). The theater books lots of French films but also supports American indies. Currently screening is the 2009 Luke Wilson film Middle Men, along with The Sicilian Girl and Winter’s Bone.┬áPlus, the snackbar has tea, real butter for the popcorn and egg creams. We think Woody Allen would approve.

Brooklyn Heights Cinema, 70 Henry St. at Orange St., Brooklyn Heights


  1. Kaitlyn

    Make sure you take a printout of this article when you go. I went last night and the girl working the ticket booth had no idea what I was talking about and sure wasn’t going to let us in for $6.50. Luckily I have an iPhone and was able to show her the article, so she begrudgingly gave us the discount. Maybe you guys can contact a manager/owner and ask him to inform all his employees about this? I would’ve been pretty upset if I didn’t get the discounted tickets.

  2. Hi Kaitlyn:
    That should never have happened to you an the person last night, was a fill in for us, since we had to step out Wed. evening. That will never happen again, as she will no longer be there.
    It doesn’t expire, and we gladly accept you guys coming in, and hope that you continue too. Again, I am so sorry for the misunderstanding.

  3. Tim Donnelly

    We just emailed the theater and they said they had a fill-in person working last night who doesn’t usually work in the box office and didn’t know about the discount. The managers said the problem won’t happen again.

  4. Please accept our humble apologies for your problem at the box office…this discount applies to many brooklyn blogs and the box office person may not have been familiar with yours…

    thank you very much!

    This discount is good through 2010.

    …the brooklyn heights cinema management

  5. Kaitlyn

    That’s not a problem! These things happen. I appreciate you filling me in on the situation and I will definitely be back to the theatre soon. :)

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