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Last call! Order today to give the gift of 30 free beers in time for Valentine’s Day

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Beer would never break up with you.

Flowers and dour, sweets are beat and all those other heteronormative gifts are really heterBOREmative gifts. This Valentine’s Day, don’t disappoint your boo with some Hallmark-approved shlock (or, heavens forbid, a ticket to see Fifty Shades of Grey). Because instead, what says “I love you” more than “here are 30 free beers now let’s go get druuuuunk”?

Today is the last call to order the Brokelyn Beer Book in time for delivery before Valentine’s Day. Our middle Brooklyn (Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Red Hook, etc) edition already sold out for the year, but you can still buy one for South Brooklyn & Rockaway or our brand new Upper Brooklyn book, which contains coupons for beers at more than 30 bars in Williamsburg, Bushwick, Bed-Stuy and Greenpoint for just $30! Order one here now; they’re only available once a year!

How does it work? It’s the easiest thing: When you get your handsomely designed book in the mail, you take it to one of the bars below, rip out the coupon and get a beer in return. Done! Our Upper Brooklyn book will take you to:

Beer Street • Boobie Trap • The Brew Inn • Brooklyn Brewery • Brouwerij Lane • Dardy Bar • The Diamond • Dirck the Norseman • 4th Down • Full Circle • George & Jack’s • Glorietta Baldy • The Graham • Happyfun Hideaway • Jackbar • Left Hand Path • Lucky Dog • Matt Torrey’s • Montana’s • Nitehawk • No. 7 North • Northern Bell • Over the Eight • Passenger Bar • Pine Box Rock Shop • Project Parlor • Reclamation Bar • Rocka Rolla • Skinny Dennis • South 4th • Sugarburg • Videology

Order yours here now to get one for your Valentine’s bae, or just, you know: 

do as the lady says
do as the lady says

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