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The 2017 Brokelyn Beer Books are coming soon! Tell us which bars you want us to include

The 2017 Brokelyn Beer Books are coming soon! Tell us which bars you want us to include
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If you live in Brooklyn and drink beer, then you’ll be psyched to know that the 2017 Brokelyn Beer Books are coming out soon! So we’re asking you now: what bars, breweries and restaurants you want to see in this year’s editions?

Both Brokelyn Beer Book editions for 2017 are going on sale at the end of this month and we want your help choosing the bars. We love all bars (and extra love bars who participate in the Beer Book), but we’re taking it to the e-streets, AKA this blog post, to get some intel on what YOU want to see more of.

What bars, breweries and restaurants were your favorite spots to hit in 2016? What new business do you think would make great fit for Beer Book 2017? We want names and reasons, too, whether it’s that you found yourself wanting more places with food, loved bars with sweet backyards, or hanker for brews in businesses that double as venues, movie theaters or coffee shops.

As always, we’ll include lots of neighborhoods, from Greenpoint down to Sunset Park and beyond.  Share in the comments why you love the Beer Book and why you want Your Bar of Choice to be included, and we will dutifully notify those nominated that the thirsty beer drinkers of Brooklyn are calling.

And Mark your calendars: The 2017 Brokelyn Beer Books will go on sale Jan. 30!



  1. Owl’s Head in Bay Ridge because it’s cute and they have regular progressive fundraisers; Dirty Precious in Gowanus because mac n cheese while drinking is the best; maybe the new Alamo bar because I am always there.

  2. Threes, High Dive, Owl Farm, Lavender Lake, Hot Bird, Double Windsor, Lowlands, Halyards, 4th Ave Pub, Pacific Standard, Cherry Tree, Brooklyn Inn

  3. Loved the 2016 beer book- discovered some great places because of the book. Particularly liked the Ditmas Park ones. Almost used all 30 tickets last year.

    Always trying to convince friends to come further south.

    Here are some great bars!

    Bar 718- dark, local and friendly bar
    Sea Witch- amazing backyard complete with a small stream with fish!
    J’eat jet? – been meaning to come to this southern themed place. Always has great reviews on yelp, especially for brunch
    Quarter bar- dark in e front and awesome backyard in the back
    South- really friendly bar complete with free popcorn
    Toby’s public House- great place for pizza with a local feel. Outdoor seating available too!
    American Cheez- an 80s themed bar that has lots of pop culture references. Free pizza and a super friendly owner.
    Commonwealth- hands down the best jukebox in Brooklyn. Free popcorn and outdoor seats and lots of booth seats inside
    Mission Dolores- cool bar on 4th great for groups
    North Pole- I think this bar is connected to 718. Nice owners as well and I know they want more exposure
    Skylark-I like to say that the interior of this place looks like your grandma’s house a few decades ago
    Irish haven- I believe this was in the departed. Great Irish bar that is legit!
    Soccer tavern- a really weird old man dive.

    Others to note:
    Uncle Barry’s
    Wolf and Deer
    Lucky 13 Saloon

  4. brn601

    I buy these every year, but you guys always tend to leave out all the bars in my neighborhood: Birdies, Looking Glass, Rebecca’s, Archies, Alphaville, Skytown, Bizzare, Bushwick Public House, Divine, Santa Panza

  5. Ashley

    Loved the middle Brooklyn beer book last year! Went to 28/30. I live in park slope and loved discovering new bars in crown heights, Windsor terrace and ditmas park. Would love to see more from those neighborhoods…maybe even Bay Ridge? I’ve been to most of the bars listed so far since most are in park slope/south slope but another fun one to add would be greenwood Park beer garden! Can’t wait to see the new additions:)

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