Bread odors get a rise out of BK Heights residents

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What dangers lurk in the Iris Cafe’s biscuits? via Facebook

Each morning Brooklyn Heights residents wake the smell of roasting coffee, the chatter of their neighbors, and an abundance of fresh-baked muffins and scones. And it is awful, according to the Post (via the Observer)Some residents living above Iris Café, which opened in 2009, are now threatening to take the eatery to court for chronic food odors that have been deemed “offensive.”

OK, we kind of get it. Waking up to extremely strong odors of foods that you didn’t even cook morning after morning, year after year can probably get kind of tiring. But we can’t help but feel that their reaction is kind of, well, dramatic. After all, in a city with 8 million people, 13,000 taxis, and possibly just as many gourmet bakeries and cafés, there’s bound to be rogue scents everywhere.

Besides, it’s not like they’re living right next to the Gowanus or downstream from a factory or next to a sewage plant. They’re living upstairs from a bakery, as are I’m sure, many other Brooklyn residents who seem to be considerably less offended.

But, you see, these especially offensive odors border on dangerous. One resident above the cafe told the Post that when she was pregnant, she was “puking every day from the smell,” and probably not from, you know, morning sickness and all that other pregnancy stuff. Furthermore, she worries that the continuing smell will cause respiratory problems for her and her family, as the smell has become so pervasive that “even the stuffed animals stink of food.” Admittedly, we’re no doctors over here, but we can’t help but feel that this hypothesis may be a little half-baked.

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  1. I think the residents of Cobble Hill and Brooklyn Heights sit at home scheming about what they’re going to bitch about next.

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