Black Friday guides to help brave the craze

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Be careful out there

You know the routine: first Thanksgiving… then a weekend of retail mass hysteria unequaled for 12 months in either direction. We don’t know if you’re into the Black Friday 4 a.m. must-buy game (if not, here are a few other options), but one thing’s for sure: You’ll have no problem finding the deals. So rather than tracking down every BF sale around for you, we’ve compiled a few handy guides to help you intrepid souls navigate the craziness around the corner.

Here they are—a mix of dos, don’ts and watch-outs, with some highlights from each:

USA Today: Apple’s annual Black Friday tease, how to track in-store availability online, the big retailers giving best bang for the buck

WalletPop: Coupon-combining, mobile-only deals, online comparisons

Brooklyn Based: A shopgirl’s guide to Black Friday

Brooklyn Based: Holiday cards, coat drives, other feel-good ways to spend the day

Chicago Tribune: Mapping your route, the buddy system, the joys of no-name brands Bring the ads, know store policies, leave with a gift receipt

Yelp: Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday, how to survive the in-store fights

Consumer Reports: Request a price guarantee, check your return policies

ABC Action News: What to wear, electronics first, make sure the sale’s worth your time

CNN Money: This year’s dirty little secrets

Loveli-mom: What to eat, what to bring along, other nitty-gritty lessons learned from last year

WGRZ: What’s the difference between an ad scan and a stock list? (And why you should care)

KTUL: Mobile web security tips not to forget amid the craze

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