BK getting its own Greek (food) bailout

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These lovely people are putting their trust in you.

Call it refreshing, call it gimmicky, call it… a contagious strain of Jersey-rocker altruism? Whatever it is, there’s no denying the economics of one dining deal starting in November. Santorini Grill, a Greek restaurant off Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, will be operating under a “pay what you will” model for one month starting Nov. 4. According to Gothamist, the deal is the restaurant’s own “Greek Bailout” at a time when we all could use one. If the owner can keep the lights on and the rent paid, she tells Gothamist, the bailout will be sticking around longer.

“We all need help,” the restaurant owner tells Gothamist. “All of us. Except the millionaires, they need… [certain choice words].” Seems like sound logic to us. And who knows? The motives behind the thing could be just what the owner says.

The restaurant’s mostly solid Yelp reviews list standard-ish Greek fare like spicy grilled peppers stuffed with cheese, organic chicken souvlaki and mousaka. We can’t speak for the quality ourselves, but assuming the deal has its (surely) desired effect and we all head over, Santorini Grill could be getting its most honest reviews yet. Or… maybe not.

What would you do: fork over a few bills for extra-tasty souvlaki or stick to that couch-cushion-change budget at all costs?

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