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BK Fit Week: Like restaurant week, but for gyms

bk fit week
Sure you’ll be getting yelled at and feel sore, but at least you’ll pay less for the privilege. via Facebook

We love our restaurants here in Brooklyn, and we especially love our various restaurant weeks around here, be they Italian, Caribbean or just of the general variety. Those are great, but if you’re indulging at them, you might notice your pants are a little snugger than usual. So, to help us recover from those cheap meal weeks, here’s BK Fit Week, a one week program of cheap gym deals around Brooklyn from today until November 16.

If you’ve been thinking about getting moving, this isn’t a bad week to start, at least if you want to do it in a gym. Which we’d recommend because it’s warmer than outdoors right now. You can see all the deals being offered through the partnership with the Chamber of Commerce here, and they include some pretty good stuff. Five free days passes at Bad Ass Academy in Bay Ridge, a free one-week pass at Dolphin Fitness, $100 off a one-year membership at Brooklyn Sports Club and a free evaluation and four day pass at Synergy Fit Club are just a few of the deals you can snag for yourself this week.

If you miss this for some reason or you get the fitness bug after working out this week, don’t forget we found you plenty of cheap ways to get or stay in shape all year round.

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